From the story of Princeton – Horses of My Heart

JasperandPrinctonFrom the story of Princeton

“One of Princeton’s greatest joys was to veer out of line during a lesson and take an unsuspecting child over a jump. Despite his small size, Princeton loved to jump the biggest fences in the ring. Unfortunately, Princeton was never concerned with the jumping ability of his rider, but somehow they all managed to stay on, even if they had never jumped before!

Over the last several years of Princeton’s life, he and Jasper had become best friends. On his final day, as Dr. Rachel and I prepared to put Princeton to sleep, Jasper suddenly appeared at the gate to watch us and be there for his best friend as he passed from this earth. Jasper walked over exactly at the right moment, as if he knew what was happening. I believe that these two friends were able to communicate with each other in a way that we humans are just beginning to understand. As Princeton quietly dropped to the ground, Jasper nickered his final farewell to his old, dear friend.”

Except from Horses of My Heart – written by Cheryl Connell-Marsh. For more information on the book, please check out the Horses of My Heart Facebook page.

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  1. Hi
    My name is Sherrie Arnold, My daughter, Domino Arnold went to several pony camps. 6 or 7 maybe. She would love to start having lessons. also to see if you have registration forms for summer camp counselors. She is interested in that as well if that is something available.


    • Hi Sheri,
      My normal email is I rarely check this email. If you would like to set up lessons for your daughter just give me a call at (517) 351-7304. Right now the best availability is on Saturday afternoons.
      Thanks so much!


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