Horses of My Heart


This book is a collection of short stories about the horses and ponies of Nottingham. As each story unravels, the reader discovers the emotions and the relationships that exist between horses. Through the lives of her horses, Cheryl takes the reader along on her spiritual journey.

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AJ2From the story of A.J. “It is hard to believe that A.J. is 27 years old. Although his strides are stiffer, he still has maintained his youthful enthusiasm for life. When we bring the herd of horses in from the backfield, A.J. still runs laps and bucks around the indoor arena. When the other horses have been led into their stalls, he runs one more victory lap around the arena before quietly walking into his stall.
School horses like A.J. are the reason for my successful lesson program. A.J. has played an important role in teaching hundreds of teenagers and young women how to ride and jump. A.J. is one of my favorite horses because of his kind, sweet and gentle disposition. When I stand beside him at the beginning and end of a lesson, he always turns his face toward me for a gentle kiss and of course a peppermint.”


“Wonderful book that celebrates the hearts of horses from beginner ponies to celebrated show horses. I loved it, Cheryl.”