Here are some reviews submitted of the Nottingham services, staff, and farm. 

“I grew up riding horses, so when my daughter came to me and asked if she could start riding lessons, we were on a mission. I was looking for a place like I had growing up…a barn with superior instruction as well as the basics like good school horses, clean stalls and aisles, etc. So obviously when we walked into Nottingham, I said “This is it!” I just had no idea what was in store for us. Something so far beyond what I had known from my past experiences. Now my daughter and I both ride and Nottingham has become a place where we can go and escape and relax or socialize and have a great time. It always seems to offer whatever you need at the time. Nottingham is filled with wonderful, warm-hearted people who have all made my daughter and I feel like we have a second family!”

– Tammy VanKrevelen, boarder

“I ride at NEC because the people here really care about the horses. From special diets to acupuncture, the horses receive excellent care. Also, the quality of instruction is very high. The instructors are very knowledgeable and excellent communicators.”

– Beth Lannon-Cloud, boarder

Oh my goodness. I don’t think I’ve ever seen my son so excited about something. He came home following his experience at Nottingham Equestrian Center feeling elated with a spring in his step and a pep of confidence. [My husband] indicated there were smiles from all the boys. Thank you from me personally and all of the boys…[without your suggestion] I would not have considered this type of activity [for Boy Scouts]. The boys loved having their own pony and riding such a long time. ANd to have personal assistants with each rider allowed the boys to do things with the ponies they didn’t expect, like games and [turning around] on the back of a horse. Please forward our gratitude (or this e-mail) to the staff at NEC.

Here are the Top 10 comments and 1 demonstration I enjoyed throughout the evening [after the experience]:

1. Mom, I wish I could find a big open field and ride as fast as the horse can go

2. Mom, how much does a pony cost?

3.Mom, I want to start here (points to a spot on a globe) and go here (circling the globe) on a horse!

4. Mom, she let go of the reins for about 5-6 seconds…that was cool!

5. When asked what he would like to do tomorrow? “Go riding”

6. For Christmas I want our whole family to go riding!

7. “Ponies POOP!”

8. “I didn’t want to come home.”

9.[other scout] got to ride his pony with NO helper! I want to do that!

10. It was really bumpy! Like this…..!!! (Insert lengthy enthusiastic, smiley demonstration.

~ Bethany (Scout Mom)

“Having moved around quite a bit and thus been to many barns, I have yet to find one that treats its Students as well as NEC. Never have I received such a high level of instruction WITH NO PRESSURE to buy or lease a horse. You make your own decisions if and when you compete and you never feel like a second class citizen. Of course with such a great atmosphere, wonderful people, and supportive staff I have actually taken the plunge into leasing and couldn’t be happier. I wish I had a barn like this growing up, I am actually jealous of all the kids who are getting to “grow up” here 🙂 For as long as my life leaves me in Michigan I will be at NEC.”

~Erica Bogle (Student/ Leasee)